Sunday, March 20, 2011

Tips on taking kids fishing

1. Be ready get back in the car and go home. Kids have very short attention spans. The first few times I took E fishing the fish were not biting 30min was about the max. But once he started catching fish he started wanting to stay longer.

2. Take a backpack. Seriously one time me and E were out fishing and he says "dad I need to go potty" so I said " Go ahead and go " as I just keep fishing. Then I look over just in time to see him for lack of a better term dropping a #2. Yeah you can never be to prepared.

3. Invest $2.00 in swivels the kind that have quick disconnects. It saves you time and gets the kids back fishing sooner.

4. Don't get mad dads. The line will tangled or caught you will have to change their lure 15 times, and they will fall in. Be patient and loving, remember you want them to have a good time and want to go again

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Come on spring!

Well it won't be long and spring will be here. And that  is fine by me. Turkey season, crappie and morels. Ethan and I did some morel hunting last year with no luck, but I have feeling we will find some this year. Charlotte will be joining the team. Turkey is another issue all together I have not been Turkey hunting  in over three years so hopefully the hiatus will breed success. I bought a blind last deer season so E will get to go on his first turkey hunt if he can be quiet for more than 2 minutes. And last but not least crappie fishing and I just got a new fish fryer loook  oouut , Charlotte again  will be joining  the Bricker fishing team with a brand new princess fishing pole, yes!. I have feeling someone will most likely end up wet (Charlotte is a little klutz) oh well.  My next post will cover tips on taking kids fishing. Rain Rain go away.............................................